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Heavy Equipment

Our heavy equipment business supplies mainly construction and logistics-related equipment including cranes, mobile compressors, forklift trucks, concrete machinery, lighting towers, material handling machines, waste collection systems, electric vehicles and side loaders from well-known international brands such as Sennebogen, VDL Translift, Clark, SACME, Hubtex, Kaeser Kompressoren, Marshell, Alke, and Dotto Trains.

Our range of telescoping crawler cranes from Sennebogen are unique in the regional construction industry for their roll-on, roll-off and pick-and-carry capabilities which make them highly versatile for a wide range of applications.

Clark Forklifts recently celebrated their centenary, with the company having been formed in the USA in 1917, and are credited with the invention of the forklift truck.


  1. Not only does Al Naboodah Group Enterprises sell Kaeser compressors, we also stand firmly behind the brand with a fleet of 80 Kaesers in our own plant portfolio. We believe in the quality of the Kaeser brand as a stable, family-owned manufacturer. The ANGE fleet of air-powered compressors is 100% Kaeser, which we commonly use on our own civil engineering projects.
    Martin Ashfield
  2. The versatility and mobility of the Sennebogen telescopic crawler cranes supplied to us by Al Naboodah Group Enterprises have made them extremely effective for a wide range of situations. They can be easily transported between sites and put to work within minutes of being rolled off the trailer, and have the added advantage of pick-and-carry capabilities.
    Martin Ashfield
  3. Clark Forklifts have been around for a century, and have a good reputation for solid build quality and reliability. When we buy Clark products from Al Naboodah Group Enterprises, we can forget about them – they don’t give us any cause for concern for the duration of their working life.
    Martin Ashfield