Al Naboodah Group Enterprises Creates Sustainable Futures for its Labour Workforce with Internationally-Accredited Skills Training

  • In-house Trade School seeks to \'unlock the potential\' of skilled and unskilled labourers and empower them with practical skills development.
  • Labourers rewarded with designation and salary increases, in addition to opening up new vocational opportunities.
  • Recently earned Internationally-recognised City \& Guilds accreditation for all training programmes, one of few schools in the GCC to achieve this standard.
  • Trade School embodies the Group\'s commitment to sustainability and employee welfare.

Dubai, UAE, 15 October 2017 - Al Naboodah Group Enterprises (ANGE), one of the UAE\'s oldest and most respected family conglomerates with a diverse portfolio of businesses is creating a sustainable future for its 12,000-plus labourers by developing or \'upskilling\' their talent with its Trade School. Launched in 2016 by Al Naboodah Construction Group (ANCG), the construction business of ANGE, the Trade School has since \'unlocked the potential\' of more than 6,000 labourers, providing them with the opportunity to refresh their skills, or develop a new trade for vocational growth.

Senan Abdullah Al Naboodah, CEO of Al Naboodah Construction Group said: \"Al Naboodah Construction Group is taking a leadership role in its commitment to developing and nurturing its talent at all levels. Employee welfare, and health and safety remain top priorities for us, and are key objectives driving our sustainability roadmap for the long term. Training programmes such as the Trade School are one of the many reasons why we are officially the UAE\'s Happiest Workplace, reinforcing the Group\'s vision to be an employer of choice.\"

The ANCG Trade School, which is offered in three languages - Hindi, Urdu and Bengali, adheres to an international standard of delivery and processes for all its training programmes. Recently, the ANCG Trade School became one of the few in the GCC to offer fully accredited training programmes by City \& Guilds, a global leader in skills development. In addition, Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB)-accredited health and safety passport programmes are available to all. Labourers each receive an internationally-recognised certificate, validating their skills globally.

Each week the ANCG Trade School trains an average of 100 labourers, encouraging skilled workers to enhance their skills through refresher programmes and offering unskilled workers the opportunity to develop new trades in fields such as carpentry, steel fixing, masonry or scaffolding. Advanced training involving more technical skills are then introduced, providing continuous opportunities for labourers to enhance their trade. Upon successful completion of any programme, labourers are rewarded with designation and salary increases accordingly, creating a sense of personal pride and enhancing their personal lives.

Statia Breen, Head of Learning and Development for ANGE said: \"The Al Naboodah Construction Group Trade School allows us to give back to our labourers by developing their talents and enabling them to achieve their full potential. Training allows us to develop and promote talent internally, but it also creates a more engaged workforce. Through sustainable initiatives like our Trade School, we are empowering labourers with opportunity, while instilling them with a great sense of achievement and purpose.\"

The ANCG Trade School also trains its workforce through the Visual Impact Theatre, an innovative Health \& Safety initiative designed to educate through the use of visual performances. Through mime, the top health and safety scenarios are re-enacted by an in-house drama troupe, demonstrating safe and unsafe procedures with possible consequences. The ETICB-accredited health and safety passport programmes and Visual Impact Theatre have been instrumental in creating a heightened awareness of safety in the workplace, contributing to a lower frequency of incidents.

The ANCG Trade School is Iocated near Al Naboodah Group Enterprises headquarters in Al Awir, and operates training six days a week for its workers.