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Gulf Sustainability & CSR Awards

As an Emirati-owned family business with 15,000 employees, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability, and recognise that, as a large conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of business interests, our value-creating activities can have a wide impact on both those that we do business with, and on society as a whole. We will continue to embrace and improve on our sustainable business practices to create sustained long-term value for all.

The vision of the two founding fathers of this Group runs parallel to that of the government of the UAE. We believe in ‘Preserving our Heritage and Working for a Sustainable Future’.

Chairman, Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Holding Abdullah Mohammed Juma Al Naboodah

We aspire to achieve excellence in everything we do and are committed to our vision of being the most successful and innovative family-owned conglomerate in the region, by embracing the next generation of sustainable business models and maximising stakeholder value.

Managing Director, ANGE Swaidan Saeed Juma Al Naboodah

At the heart of our sustainability approach is the belief that understanding the needs and challenges of all our stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, local community, and the environment – and incorporating them into our enterprise strategy enables us to engage in value creation activities. This is central to achieving business growth and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

General Manager, Sustainability Fatima Ahmed Saeed Al Naboodah

Exceptional customer experience is one element of ANGE’s Vision 2025. We take pride in maintaining high customer satisfaction levels across all our businesses. This year, we have moved from paper-based feedback to digital feedback platforms, which has helped us to immediately address key concerns and thereby improve response times and satisfaction rates. This year we also launched our ‘Key Strategic Partners’ programme, which focuses on nurturing relationships with our principal stakeholders. The programme has helped us to build close ties with our key customers and establish long-term, strategic partnerships.

General Manager, Marketing Shaikha Abdullah Mohammed Al Naboodah


Our approach to sustainability

Our sustainability framework is based on the three pillars of sustainability, social, economic and environmental. The framework outlines the key sustainability focus areas for ANGE, which were identified during roundtable discussions between the Sustainability Council and interviews with key internal stakeholders. Based on the framework, we have created a sustainability roadmap with strategic objectives, initiatives, KPIs and targets. The roadmap provides a high level overview of planned activities and the strategic direction of the Group. The roadmap is broken down into three key areas; responsible consumption, working as a family and unlocking potential. Each area has set strategic objectives which have been assigned to a Sustainability Council leader. The leaders are responsible for implementing and achieving these objectives and will be measured against approved KPIs and targets.


Sustainability Goals and Targets

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Sustainability Goals and Targets

Preserving our heritage

To preserve our heritage and develop a sustainable UAE economy. We commit to not only meeting, but exceeding targets for Emiratisation set out by the UAE government. We commit to sourcing products from local suppliers wherever feasible.

Engaging with our stakeholders

We will engage with the community where projects will be undertaken to raise awareness and identify ways to minimise any negative environmental impact. We aim to promote and improve road safety in the communities where we live and work, and actively engage with external and internal stakeholders on sustainability.

We will engage positively with projects and the local communities in which we work, both through specific project engagement and through company-wide initiatives.

Employee welfare

We commit to maintaining exceptional levels of employee learning and development and safety through rigorous HSE standards at an international level. Further to this, we will ensure the emotional wellness of our employees though community activities and engagement.

Saving water

We will continue to identify innovative and cost-saving water initiatives such as water reducing devices to massively reduce our water consumption across all of our facilities and employee accommodation.

Managing energy efficiently

We will manage energy use and consumption efficiently and effectively, and promote energy efficiency and energy conservation, with an objective to apply best practices.

Reducing waste

We will practice ‘3R’ (reduce, recycle, reuse) strategy across all operations within the Group, and work towards turning our waste streams towards revenue streams.

Customer experience

We will constantly strive to improve the customer experience, gathering feedback through surveys and comprehensive analysis to ensure exceptional customer service, in line with the UAE government’s vision of creating a happier society for all.

Innovation for a better future

Encourage ideas and innovation, internally and with our supply chain that can create financial savings and benefit our customers, society and environment.

Fair opportunities for all

We will actively encourage diversity and inclusion, and invest in our workforce by providing training and opportunity for professional development at all levels, with a strong focus on seeing women in leadership roles.


Did you know?

Rooted in history, our sustainability logo is a representation of the Ghaf tree, the national tree of the UAE. The Ghaf tree is a symbol of perseverance and giving, offering much shelter, food and fuel - and demanding very little water in return. Our logo represents people joined together with open arms in the act of giving and it underpins our sustainability approach to preserve our heritage and give back to the community, the economy and the environment.

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